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Topper's Rhum Banana Vanilla Cinnamon Xx 750ML
Sku: 18205
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Country: Other Caribbean
Type: Rum
Style: Banana
Reg. $16.98
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We started making flavored rhums for Topper’s Restaurants, based on my wife, Melanie’s concoctions. She had been perfecting their tastes since 1995 so that we could give a complimentary after dinner drink to our restaurants’ guests. Our customers loved our rhum, and constantly asked if we could bottle some for them to take home as a memory of their time here in St. Maarten. We quickly went from fulfilling individual requests for our guests out of our own kitchen to producing our own supply for the restaurants. The taste is amazing! Just like our food, we pride ourselves on the quality and flavor. Topper’s Rhum uses natural flavors, characteristic of the tropics, blended with our premium Caribbean rhum to create a delicate and true-to-its-flavor spirit, with an undeniably smooth finish. We currently have in the market four distinctive gourmet flavors that are truly unique to Topper’s Rhum, and many other flavors that will be available seasonally. We have chosen very attractive packaging, using brightly colored glass bottles, with swing top closures, and labels depicting island scenes that are beautifully designed. The bottles are reusable as vases, decorative glass, table lamps, oil & vinegar bottles, salt & pepper shakers, and more. Every detail, including the customer’s experience of the product, is carefully considered and unprecedented. Our rhum is handmade, and each and every bottle is hand filled and packaged with precision, right here in St. Maarten. Until recently, our Rhum was found predominately on the island and, of course, in our two restaurants, Topper’s Restaurant & Bar and Topper’s by the Sea. For years, visitors on the island encouraged us to distribute our Rhum around the world. Jeff LeVine, Owner of Prime Beverage Imports, LLC was among the strongest advocates. Michael and Thelma King, who lived in Charleston, South Carolina, purchased a second home on the Island of St. Maarten. They began frequenting our restaurants, and soon we developed a very close friendship. They fell in love with our Rhum and we fell in love with them. We were all convinced that our rhum should be shared with the world. Over time, we decided to go into business together. They helped us open a rhum factory for the purpose of producing and distributing Topper’s Rhum beyond the island of St. Maarten. Prime Beverage Imports, LLC then signed on to import our Rhum into the United States, and to help oversee its distribution. In January of 2013, the first bottles of Topper’s Rhum made their debut on shelves in South Carolina. Tragically, during the businesses expansion in September of 2012, Michael and Thelma passed away. Their families, decided to continue with our collaboration, so that Mike and Thelma’s dreams could live on. In their names, we are in the process of establishing a foundation. Proceeds from the sale of every bottle of Topper’s Rhum will be used to help fund this organization, whose primary mission will be to help others whose loved ones have suffered tragedies abroad. Topper’s Rhum is not only the best tasting rhum that you’ll ever experience, it’s also symbolic of great friendships, loving families, and a celebration of life. Next time you’re on the island, please come see us and enjoy a complimentary sample.

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